Adherence to these standards is expected and serves to assure public confidence in the integrity of all The Enrollment Management Association educators in the admission profession.

Admission Promotion and Recruitment

The Enrollment Management Association admission officers should:

  • Receive remuneration on a fixed salary rather than commission or bonus based on the number of students recruited;
  • Ensure that presentations and publications used for promotion and recruitment activities be a comprehensive, accurate and realistic portrayal of the institution and its policies (e.g. admission procedures, financial aid policies, special programs, current photographs of campus);
  • Promote the merit of their institution and of education in general, without disparaging other schools;
  • Refrain from using placement services that require a fee from the institution for each student enrolled;
  • Educate all persons who may become involved in admission promotional and recruitment activities (e.g. alumni, coaches, trustees, students, faculty, parents) regarding these Standards of Conduct.

Application Process

The Enrollment Management Association member schools should:

  • Assume full responsibility for admission procedures and decisions and the communication of same to candidates, families and, where appropriate, sending schools;
  • Observe and respect confidentiality between candidates and schools;
  • Communicate in a timely fashion all decisions regarding the candidate’s status for admission;
  • Require no candidate to indicate the order of school preference;
  • Allow the candidate reasonable time to choose without penalty among offers of admission from all schools being considered;
  • Publish wait list policies and procedures and any changes therein.

Students Applying to Other Schools

The Enrollment Management Association member school personnel should:

  • Provide an accurate, legible, and complete transcript along with standardized testing and a clear description of the school’s marking system, special curricular opportunities (e.g. honors, advanced placement courses, seminars, etc.) and, where appropriate, its method of determining rank in class;
  • Provide, in the student’s best interest, an accurate description of the candidate’s personal qualities that are relevant to the admission process;
  • Report any significant change in a candidate’s status prior to graduation;
  • Request that the candidate assume his/her responsibilities:
  • In the admission process, to comply with requests for additional information in a timely manner;
  • Upon acceptance, to respond to institutional deadlines.

Financial Assistance

The Enrollment Management Association member schools should:

  • Publish a clear statement of other financial assistance policies, including renewal policies;
  • Refrain from public announcements indicating the amounts of financial assistance given to individual students which reflect family need;
  • Require adequate documentation of family resources, when such assistance is based upon need;
  • Make awards consistent with the demonstrated need of the family;
  • Assess the family’s ability to pay, in a consistent and equitable manner, when determining the financial contribution of the family;
  • Outline a clear statement of tuition fees and related expenses for each student;
  • Inform families of any financial assistance prior to asking a family to make an enrollment decision.