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We Believe

At The Enrollment Management Association, we believe that the admission practices of the past will not sustain the independent schools of the future.  Every day, we serve enrollment leaders, increasing their success through the best science, research, and training.  Because when great schools enroll great students, everything is possible.

The Yield, Winter 16-17

The Yield, Winter 16-17 CoverSimultaneously embraced as a useful enrollment management tool and questioned as a misuse of aid funds  - even dubbed "vanity" or "cocktail party" scholarships - merit aid is in wide use in higher education, and has been growing in use among independent schools as a means to build enrollment and meet increasing affordability demands.

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Heather HoerleFrom Heather Hoerle

The Difference Between Management and Leadership
Leadership and management are linked and complementary—yet they are not the same thing.


2017-2018 SSAT Standard Dates

Registration for 2017-18 SSAT Standard test dates opens August 1, 2017.

Anne Behnke Ready, Set, Read! Preparing Your Admission Committee

ALC member Anne Behnke on getting your committee ready for the marathon by setting clear expectations, instilling team spirit, reinforcing comradery, and encouraging members to take care of and pace themselves.