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We Believe

At The Enrollment Management Association, we believe that the admission practices of the past will not sustain the independent schools of the future.  Every day, we serve enrollment leaders, increasing their success through the best science, research, and training.  Because when great schools enroll great students, everything is possible.

Our Industry's Future: Recommendations from the EMTT

Cover EMTT Report

The Enrollment Management Think Tank was charged with creating a set of research questions about enrollment management, completing a thorough environmental scan, and identifying current innovative practices in recruitment, selection, and retention.The group was asked to deliver its recommendations to the EMA board of trustees. Those recommendations are described in this report, and are aimed at helping the association meet its strategic goals: to be a trusted partner to schools, provide schools a toolkit of enrollment resources, enhance family engagement, and expand leadership capacity in our industry.

Heather HoerleFrom Heather Hoerle

Stronger by Association

As we head into this week’s EMA annual conference, I am reminded of several important issues which speak to our theme this year, “Stronger by Association.”

Power of Data Driven Marketing

The Power of Data-Driven Marketing 

Learn about the awesome strategic power and opportunities inherent in data-driven marketing.

politics of EM

The Politics of Enrollment Management (CERPP Scholar Blog)

We can reframe our idea of organizational politics from the Machiavellian, backstabbing caricature portrayed in pop culture to an essential skill every good leader should have in their toolkit.