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At The Enrollment Management Association, we believe that the admission practices of the past will not sustain the independent schools of the future.  Every day, we serve enrollment leaders, increasing their success through the best science, research, and training.  Because when great schools enroll great students, everything is possible.

New! The Business of Enrollment

Book Cover The Business of Enrollment

Grounded in the theme of “what every enrollment manager needs to know about the business of enrollment,” this paper includes intelligence for enrollment managers about core priorities for the school’s CFO and finance committee, the school budgeting process, levers for financial change, the importance of accurate benchmarking, and the need for building a shared vision for the role of financial aid.

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Heather HoerleFrom Heather Hoerle

Quantifying the Shifting International Market
In June, we released member survey results which quantify the anticipated changes in international student enrollment in our schools based on new U.S. immigration policy. Given what the survey confirms, how should independent schools adjust to “the new normal”?  

Peter BaronEMA Welcomes Peter Baron as Chief Member Relations Officer

With a career spent in product development, sales, relationship development, and marketing, Peter's success has been built on listening to schools' and families' needs.

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Leadership in Enrollment Management

Effective Leadership in Enrollment Management

In the admission arena we place great importance on the power of personal touches in our interactions with families. Strength in leadership relies on the ability to see that same value in personal touches within our teams.