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About the SSAT
Registration for 2016-17 SSAT Standard test dates opens August 1, 2016.
Be sure you and your admission committee know these 10 things about the SSAT in preparation for reading season.
Learn how The Enrollment Management Association is ensuring students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations on the SSAT.
This webinar addresses the updates to, and the procedures for, requesting and approving testing accommodations for the SSAT. 
Everything you need to know to administer the SSAT successfully.
The SSAT audit program is one of many tools The Enrollment Management Association utilizes to ensure standardized testing conditions and continuous improvement. During an audit, an The Enrollment Management Association…
The Upper and Middle level SSATs take just over three hours to administer. Test administrators box up answer sheets and test books and ship them immediately back to The Enrollment…
What are the top SSAT test administrators doing to get it right?
The safe and secure handling of SSAT test materials and vigilant proctoring are the keys to maintaining the integrity of the test. If you are a test center, administrator, or…
We have examined over five years of SSAT-related data to share the characteristics and habits of the large independent-school applicant pool.

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