Benefits of Membership

Take advantage of what your membership provides.

Student Prospect Lists IconReach More Students. Student Prospect Lists
Access to a targeted list of thousands of prospective families already interested in independent school. Forget the buckshot approach – these lists are customized to your needs. Get regular updates as families sign up to take the SSAT throughout the year, and tailor your messages to make the most of your marketing efforts. Nearly 50,000 families opt in to this list every year – be sure you reach them first.

Annual Conference IconEmpowered. Engaged. Enriched.  Annual Conference
Exclusive discounts on the largest independent school enrollment management conference in the world. At the Annual Conference, you’ll meet and learn from your peers, take advantage of networking opportunities, and discover new ways to solve the problems you face daily. Come away with real, actionable solutions, a renewed sense of purpose, and new industry connections.

Data Dashboard IconReal Numbers, Real Fast.  Data Dashboards
You can’t make informed decisions in a data vacuum. Your EMA data dashboard gives you what you need when you need it, from an immediate request for year-over-year landmark numbers to easy board reporting with beautiful exportable tables. One log in, multiple data points, and real-time information makes this tool your best friend when you need real numbers, real fast. See your most important data points and quick comparisons to historical data.

SAO IconApplications Made Easy.  Standard Application Online
SAO adopters see up to a 20% bump in applications. This free member service makes the application process easier for you and for students. Let’s face it, no one wants the application process to be any more stressful than it already is. Show students you’re putting their needs first, while adding an easy-to-use tool that expands your reach and simplifies your process. The SAO has already been used to submit more than 200,000 independent school applications.

Shared Candidate Report IconCompetition Intelligence. Shared Candidate Reports
Which schools are your biggest competitors? Where are the kids sending you scores also applying? You can ask or you can guess, but the easiest way to find out for sure is the Shared Candidate Report, delivered direct to your member data dashboard and indicating which other schools are receiving SSAT scores from your prospects. Use this intelligence to set strategy and bolster value messaging.

Character Skills Assessment IconBecause Character Counts.  Character Skills Snapshot
While assessments like the SSAT set a baseline standard for comparison, you know that a student’s character may well be the biggest determinant in your admission decisions. Get clear-eyed data on an applicant’s own view of their character skills with this groundbreaking new online assessment.  Developed in tandem with independent schools and proven in field testing with over 12,000 students, The Snapshot effectively measures eight character skills for admission.

SSAT IconThe Gold Standard. Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT)
Created in 1957 when admission directors needed an accurate way to compare applicants from varying backgrounds, the SSAT remains the industry's gold standard in standardized admission tests. Stellar predictive ability aside, the SSAT gives you one applicant statistic that can't be skewed. Long term, dedicated use brings you a wealth of information about your applicants and your school. Backed by extensive research and a dedicated team of scientists, every SSAT score report undergoes a rigorous scaling and equating process that, simply put, gives you solid scores you can count on.