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Access for All

Access to testing, applications, and independent schools must be fair and equitable.  In conjunction with member schools, The Enrollment Management Association has offered millions of dollars in fee waivers for the SSAT and the SAO each year for students in need who are seeking educational opportunity with our member schools.  Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up or replenish your school's fee waiver bank.

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“In my experience working with students from socioeconomically challenged backgrounds, the entire prep school application process feels to them like they are entering a dark labyrinth. At each turn, they fear they will encounter yet another setback! These are fears admission counselors can allay if each member of the admission staff is briefed and knowledgeable of how efficiently and effectively to procure fee waivers for students who require them. Let’s all strive to be a thread for those who may be wandering blindly.” 
- Erin Avery, CEP, Founder, Avery Educational Resources