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Applicant Comparison DataHow Do Applicants Compare?

Admission committees tasked with identifying next year’s class need a quick way to compare applicants with the students who are already enrolled at your school. When you get an SSAT score report, how do you know how it compares to those you received last year? How it compares to the ones sent by the students you accepted? Enrolled?

This information can appear on every score report you receive – if you provide us with key information.App Comparison Data

How It Works:

  • We give you a spreadsheet with the names of all students who submitted SSAT scores to you in the past testing year
  • You add data indicating which students were accepted and enrolled
  • We perform a custom analysis and report it to you on each score report you receive this year, showing a current applicant's scores in relation to the students who sent you scores, were admitted, and enrolled last year
  • This context information gives you and your admission committee a better understanding of where each applicant’s scores fall in relation to currently enrolled students and the previous year's applicant pool. Comparing each applicant in relation to your current student body provides a starting point for finding those students who will achieve success at your school.

You'll begin receiving Standard score reports in October - don't have a blank section on score reports where this important data should be!

What to Do:

In your Member Access Portal, go to "Applicant Comparison Data" under the "Scores" menu. Download, complete, and email your spreadsheet to Diana Davidian (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) today!

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