Simultaneously embraced as a useful enrollment management tool and questioned as a misuse of aid funds  - even dubbed "vanity" or "cocktail party" scholarships - merit aid is in wide use in higher education, and has been growing in use among independent schools as a means to build enrollment and meet increasing affordability demands.
The work of admission—getting students through the door—is an important component of enrollment management but is just the beginning. As independent schools are increasingly challenged by the same external forces that have shaped the adoption of strategic enrollment management structures, processes, and policies in higher education, the national conversation on K-12 enrollment management has taken center stage.
Application deadlines. Financial aid deadlines. Notification deadlines. Deadlines for international students versus U.S.; domestic boarding students versus day students. And finally, the deadline for a family to confirm its decision to join your community.
A woman’s fight to get ahead. Her internal struggle of career versus family. Pay inequities. The challenge of finding support networks both inside and outside of work. A workshop delivered on these topics by four women in admission at SSATB’s 2015 Annual Meeting inspired us to take a closer look.
Trust is paramount between the receiving school and those from whom they are receiving the recommendations.
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