Experience isn't enough anymore: the new admission office requires a new set of skills. Tips on creating a culture that promotes high-performing teams.
Heads and Trustees are concerned. When asked to define the top issues facing schools in 2013, five of the top 10 issues directly involved the leadership of the admission office.
Private schools are allowed to operate because agreed upon standards govern the educational process. How does admission affect (and how is it affected by) the mission of the school, and how does that impact the accreditation process?
You see them when they come to tour. You send emails back and forth. You compose personalized letters, invite them to attend a class, or even to stay overnight in your dorms. But do you really know what motivates them to apply to schools or how they learn about them in the first place?
Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs can be viewed as sustainability or, in the instance of independent schools, survival. 
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