Leadership Programs

2019 ALC Regional Seminar Series


Savvy enrollment management strategies start with a solid understanding of demographic trends and your school’s competitive environment. Regional events can be crucial for those seeking insight and collaboration from a local perspective. The Admission Leadership Council (ALC) offers a set of regional seminars each year to bring the trends to you. Each seminar features a keynote speaker and an update on member services.

These seminars are open to EMA members and non-members, and anyone with a stake in your school's enrollment management (including all admission office staffers, heads of school, business officers, and marketing/communications professionals) is encouraged to attend.

Each year the Admission Leadership Council identifies a theme for the seminars and all keynote presentations connect to the theme. Last year, the focus was on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This year, the theme for the ALC seminars is The New Independent School Consumer.