Member Spotlight: Katelyn Forero, Associate Director of Admission, Viewpoint School (CA)

Member Spotlight: Katelyn Forero, Associate Director of Admission, Viewpoint School (CA)

The Yield sat down with EMA member Katelyn Forero to learn a little bit more about her experience and her membership motivation.

Why do you belong to The Enrollment Management Association?
For the unparalleled professional development resources. Through the USC Leadership in Enrollment Management certificate program, the Annual Conference, and the various ALC regional seminars, I’ve connected with enrollment professionals from across the country who have become tremendous professional resources and good friends. This summer I’m attending the Erdmann Institute for the first time and I’m particularly looking forward to learning more about Bob Moesta’s "Jobs to be Done" theory.

What has changed most in independent school admission and enrollment since you first started?
I entered the world of independent school admission only a few years after the Great Recession, when admission offices nationwide were grappling with how best to address the challenges of a changing economic landscape. The importance of a clearly articulated value proposition is more important now than ever.

If you could tell yourself one thing when you took your first job in admission, what would it be?
It’s not what they think, it’s how they feel. It’s ok to not know every one of your school’s features right away. What’s important is how a family feels when they leave your office.

What is the one piece of knowledge/advice you’d pass along to your admission/enrollment colleagues?
Surveying families immediately after admission events and at the end of the admission cycle can produce invaluable feedback. The best way to evaluate the family experience is to ask them about it! But keep in mind that a poorly constructed survey won’t serve you either.

What was the last book you read that helped you think about your job?
The End of Average by Todd Rose. It reframed the way I think about my job, my family, and myself. It’s helped me further embrace all of our “jaggedness.” The message that it is our uniqueness that often gives us an advantage in life was empowering for me personally and has provided a useful lens through which to view applicants and their stories.

What is the number one attribute needed to succeed in your role?
A growth mindset. My work in admission has changed me as a person and a communicator (hopefully for the better) in ways that I hadn’t expected. I like that this role requires me to regularly imagine how I can do things a little better the next time around.

What is the best advice you ever received?
There’s always room for improvement.


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