Make it Official!

Make it Official!

From Memberanda, Spring 2011

If you didn’t realize that there are two kinds of SSAT score reports, you are not alone! SSAT provides different score reports to families and schools. School score reports contain additional useful information to aid in student selection, including: 

• SSAT Writing Sample
• School Applicant Context

Further, in order for your Shared Candidate Report data to reflect all students who are giving you their scores, families must send an official score report to your school. Requiring official score reports also ensures that the scores are legitimate and that the report has not been tampered with in any way.

Families do not incur any additional fees for ordering score reports online and can send as many as they want using their secure online account. To order a report, families merely log into their account from and designate school recipients. Scores will be posted to a school’s Member Access (Cumulative Roster) within 24 hours and pdfs of the complete reports are posted weekly.


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