Apples to Apples: Comparing Applicants to Current Students

Apples to Apples: Comparing Applicants to Current Students

From The Yield, Spring 2014

One of the questions frequently heard by The Enrollment Management Association’s outreach team is: “Can you help me figure out the average SSAT scores for our school?“ What many schools don’t realize is this information can appear on score reports – if your school provides key information.

The Accepted & Enrolled Report

In early August, The Enrollment Management Association provides participating admission offices with a spreadsheet containing the names of all students who submitted scores in the past testing year. All schools have to do is indicate those students who were accepted and enrolled. The completion of this accepted and enrolled report will allow committees to see where each applicant’s scores in the coming admission year will fall in relation to currently enrolled students, and thus, previous applicant pools.

Since an “acceptable” score is relative, comparing each student in relation to the current student body provides a starting point for finding those students who will achieve success at a particular school. This service – free to any The Enrollment Management Association member school receiving score reports – ranks each candidate in relation to the scores of students from the previous year, as well as provides the mean scaled scores for each test subsection (verbal, quantitative, and reading).

Data are calculated for all score reporters, all accepted students, and all enrolled students, and they appear at the bottom of each applicant’s score report under the heading School Applicant Context. Each student’s data will vary school by school, since the information is calculated and added to the report, using only the data provided by the individual school. School applicant context data does not appear on the family score report and only appears on school score reports that are delivered through The Enrollment Management Association’s secure online Member Access Portal (MAP) – thus one more reason why admission offices should not accept a photocopy of a score report!

Contact Your Outreach Director!

The Enrollment Management Association member schools should contact their outreach director for more information about submitting accepted and enrolled data or about training on the use of these data. While school applicant context data cannot be retroactively applied to any printed score reports that a school receives, the data will appear on all online score reports that have already been delivered to a school’s Member Access Page (MAP) any time after a school submits its accepted and enrolled report.


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