SSATB Training on the Web

SSATB Training on the Web

From Memberanda, Fall 2011 

Eager for The Enrollment Management Association services training but faced with a tight schedule, Jenelle Reis (Brooks School, MA) and The Enrollment Management Association’s Jennifer Eidam Davis discovered the perfect solution. For the first time, The Enrollment Management Association training about the range and benefits of The Enrollment Management Association services was delivered via a closed webinar to the entire Brooks School admission team. The technology worked beautifully, and the Brooks School admission staffers were surprised by how much they learned.

Reis recalls, “The webinar was incredibly helpful to us. We have a pretty experienced admission office, but most of us were only using the SSAT percentile portion of the score report to gauge applicants’ strength. The webinar helped us understand better how to use the full range of data points that the score report offers and will put us in a better position to understand how the students truly performed on the test. For those who already thought they knew everything about the test, it was a great refresher. I know everyone in our office walked away having learned something new.”

In addition to test interpretation, Davis described the numerous reports and services offered free to The Enrollment Management Association member schools. Although Brooks School staff is familiar with The Enrollment Management Association offerings, many of the details Davis related regarding data importing and downloading proved invaluable. Reis remarked, “We enjoyed learning about how the Standard Application Online integrates with our InResonance system so seamlessly.”

In less than an hour and with zero travel time and expense, a full training session was completed and many questions answered. The Enrollment Management Association plans to create more online training opportunities, both large-scale and school-specific. Reis concluded, “Overall, it was a great use of our time. The actual technology (the webinar) was easy to use, and it was a big plus that we could learn in the comfort of our own office.”

The Enrollment Management Association Member Training:

One-on-one • Group • Virtual • Face-to-face

Learn answers to these questions in a half-hour session:

• What is the percentile trap?

• How are the SSAT and National Percentiles derived?

• How do I download SSAT scores, inquiries and applications?

• How do current applicants compare with the students I accept/enroll?

• Where can I find historical Shared Candidate (Overlap) Reports?

• What is an index number, and how does it predict applicant success?

• Where are the data that show my board our school’s value-added?

• What is the relationship between predicted and actual SAT scores at my school?

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