Securing the Future: SSATB & IECA

Securing the Future: SSATB & IECA

From The Yield, Spring 2015

In recognition of a shared commitment to high standards and ethical behavior, as of August 2015, all educational consultants who are members of The Enrollment Management Association must be members in good standing of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). 

IECA guidelines include a responsibility to understand each student’s special strengths, values, and needs, while striving to include all family members in the educational planning, testing, and application processes. Further, the IECA membership process for new consultants looks closely at the full mix of services offered to families, and requires that its members focus the majority of their work on consulting with families, not in tutoring and “test prep” services. As Allison W. Matlack, M.A.T., Director of Educational Services for AHP Educational Consulting (MA) notes: “Since its inception, IECA has held its members to the highest levels of accountability for professionalism and ethics in our practices. We are delighted that The Enrollment Management Association recognizes and values what Professional Membership represents.”

When asked about the announcement, Drew Carlson, M. Ed., Educational Consultant with McMillan, Howland & Spence (MA) said: “I was thrilled to learn of The Enrollment Management Association’s IECA membership requirement, as the two organizations have the common goals of promoting professionalism, appropriate student and school fit, and sustaining independent education. When IECA and The Enrollment Management Association collaborate through conference presentations, webinars, and articles, the needs of both students and schools are met. Everybody wins!”


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