What is the…personal attribute that allows individuals to keep learning, growing, and changing, to escape their fixed attitudes and habits? Not anything as narrow as ambition.
When admitting students to an independent school, one of the most important questions enrollment professionals must answer is, "How well does this student 'fit' our school?"
Application deadlines. Financial aid deadlines. Notification deadlines. Deadlines for international students versus U.S.; domestic boarding students versus day students.
Do your faculty understand the importance of greeting prospective families in the hallway during a campus tour?
Independent schools have traditionally marketed themselves on small, highly-personal learning communities with countless opportunities for students to explore their passions.
Does the left hand know what the right is doing? Working in concert, the admission, development and communications offices can be far more effective than working alone in silos.
While educational institutions must always operate like businesses, they must also constantly balance pressures that might distract them from achieving their mission.
The admission office manages so many issues—and then there are the legal ones lurking in the background.
In many independent schools, the head’s office and the admission office are often at the crossroads of controversy. But why?
In the day-to-day busyness of the admission office, where is the time for collegial, meaningful and uninterrupted discussion, debate and connectedness?
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