Learn how a suburban school provides a program that strongly links to the greater community, provides a five-week enrichment camp to under-served academically able students, and more.
Enrollment management is a highly interdependent effort, and influence does not lie with authority alone. To garner support and effect change, senior leadership must first understand the institution.
An effective and productive admission and enrollment management operation is essential to a school’s long-term ability to sustain excellence in student programs and deliver its mission with distinction.
Regardless of your experience (new to admission, new to the school, or in a new role within your office), there are ways to be an impact player in your school…
With a declining student population, rising tuitions, and a proliferation of educational disrupters, many independent schools face enrollment sustainability questions.
In this presentation, Whitney explains Turning the Tide, describes the negative reactions to it, and explores the important question, "where does the college admission industry go from here?"
Greenhill School (TX) is a coeducational independent college preparatory school of nearly 1,300 students in grades PK-12.  Learn more about their admission office and its responsibilities.
Three community-based organization leaders share their perspectives on a changing enrollment and access landscape.
A crisis impacts a school like nothing else does. Some of that impact is obvious: Parents, students, faculty and staff— and often alumni—are affected by what happened.
Our society’s dependency on technology is undeniable, and it just takes one power outage to remind us just how dependent we are.
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