This session will challenge the traditional view of the admission office design and suggest there is a way to get the right people into the right seats and maximize the…
Designed to show how one school has focused on data analysis as it has evolved its educational program.
A discussion for directors, financial aid officers, and heads of school in an effort to keep our focus on the family and student first - not the school.
This leadership workshop deals with both personnel management and constituent relations within the school.
A veteran Admission Director shares her management experiences and practices.
Join educational marketing guru Patti Crane to learn some simple, achievable steps you can take today to clear the clutter and clarify your message.
Ever feel like the admission office and athletic department at your school are constantly at odds?
We will examine current challenges to independent schools: retention, financial aid, finding full pay families, marketing, etc. Our community needs to envision a future, identify who we are, and go…
Profile on Flint Hill School in Oakton, Virginia, discusses the changes that they have made in the last five years, and their plans for the future.
Jane Foley Fried has spent the past 21 years at Phillips Academy (MA), serving as Dean of Admission and Assistant Head for Enrollment, Research and Planning. On July 1, she…
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