ALC Focuses on Building Leadership Capacity

ALC Focuses on Building Leadership Capacity

by Eric Barber and Heather Eckert, ALC co-chairs

The Admission Leadership Council (ALC) is excited to have a new space in each issue of The Yield to share our work with you. The ALC just completed its first year of a realignment of function and purpose to directly support The Enrollment Management Association’s strategic plan. This realignment gives a sharp focus to our work, directing our time and energy to high-priority programming that most benefits the membership.

The strategic goal with which we feel most strongly aligned is building industry leadership capacity. The focus is to increase retention of current admission directors and cultivate future leaders in our profession. To contribute to this strategic goal, the ALC formed four work groups:

  • Membership Recognition and Morale;
  • Industry Knowledge and Content;
  • Mentoring; and
  • ALC Spring Seminars.

These groups are producing programs and content for EMA members, which you’ll learn about from EMA over the course of the next year. Highlights for the coming year include:

  • Scaling up our Mentoring Initiative from 17 mentor-mentee pairs to over 60 pairs
  • Offering to provide mentors to participants in the EMA/Erdmann Future Leaders program, Admission Directors Institute, and the Admission Training Institute
  • Creating the first tier of high-quality repository of industry content (enrollment dashboards, event templates, sample interview and essay questions)
  • Continuing with a common theme for the ALC Spring Seminar program following the success of the 2018 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series
  • Creating ways to highlight to heads of school the value of admission professionals, recognize volunteer service to EMA, and recognize individuals who represent the future of our profession

In each issue of The Yield, we will highlight one of our work groups and how their service is benefitting you and the profession. Our work this summer was springboarded by an exceptionally well received seminar series in the spring, attended by more than 640 admission and enrollment professionals. From Rodney Glasgow, the founder and chair of the National Diversity Practitioners Institute, head of the middle school and chief diversity officer for St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (MD), and president of The Glasgow Group, to Julie Mencher, MSW, an expert on gender issues (read an interview with her here), we explored a range of ideas and sparked important conversations around issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion. We hope you have a wonderful fall and look forward to bringing you our regular updates!


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