Reverse Musical Chairs - Video

Reverse Musical Chairs - Video

With Chad Tew

Chad Tew is Founding Principal of Tew & Associates, which helps school leaders promote long term financial and enrollment stability while creating tangible improvement and benefits within disruptive market environments. Chad is an experienced school CFO and former trustee, who also draws on extensive experience in higher education program and enrollment management and admission. Chad earned his MBA at the University of Southern California and has taught courses in Marketing, Business Plan Development and Nonprofit Management at universities including UCLA. He was a cofounder of a successful independent school and has been an enrollment management consultant at the college level for clients including MIT and Georgetown University.

In many areas of the country, private school admission is increasingly looking like a game of musical chairs played in reverse. Each new academic year we find there are fewer children to fill the existing number of student desks. Missing such a shift in your market can wreak havoc on budgets, admission projections, and overall enrollment plans.

This webinar will examine sometimes startling demographic trends and how Admission Directors can help lead a process to promote enrollment stability in dynamic markets.

The presentation will include a case study examining how an Admission Director partnered with the CFO at a K-12 independent school to mine data and construct a detailed, multilayered vision of the school’s competitive environment to better understand the differing value-proposition elements at various entry grades.

You will see how this information helped inform the Head and Trustees in developing a competitive-pricing model and use primary demographic research to arrive at outreach, enrollment-strategy, and tuition-pricing decisions.

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