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In this blog, Mike Connor discusses why it's important for trustees to take a proactive ambassadorial role for their school.
Educational changes are inevitable.  A look at the forces driving it and the results of their influence.
Research is showing that charitable giving is steadily rebounding but there’s a difference in what donorsfind compelling: More than ever, donors want to see the organization’s impact when carrying out…
Charged with the financial sustainability of the school, trustees must know about, understand, and be updated regularly on their school’s enrollment management.
Within independent schools, there is a career path for a head of school and an emerging trend to categorize these key leaders into four categories.
Public schools this fall are expected to enroll more minority students than non-Hispanic whites, which will mark the first time this has ever happened in the U.S.
Experts exploring data about philanthropy are discovering some surprising truths, with the most important one being that fundraising itself does not have the impact they once thought: “Most institutions pursue…
By Douglas Lyons, Executive Director, Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, Mystic, CT American independent schools are faced with a dilemma, labeled by economists as “the new normal.” In a period…
The Trustee's Letter (TTL) editors asked three experiencs heads their opinions on specific subjects.
If your head of school and other members of the senior leadership are considered highly compensated in the eyes of the IRS, your board needs to be aware of fringe…
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