Admission committees are more than just a group of admission professionals and faculty in a room saying yes or no to files. How do these groups train and come together to…
During the next academic year, The Enrollment Management Association is establishing an Early Childhood Working Group to understand best practices in assessment for young children and to make recommendations for…
Representatives of the G32 pilot schools group reconvened in Princeton earlier this summer to meet with psychometricians from The Enrollment Management Association and ETS.
In considering “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” it is imperative that schools embrace the development and use of recommendation forms as anything but a passive experience.
Through this webinar, learn how one school approached this challenge by implementing an authentic group activity in its admission process to truly target mission-appropriate students.
Ready to refine your admission process? Looking to assess for non-cognitive skill such as teamwork, motivation, grit, and/or empathy?
Several case studies of atypical applicants that present “risks” for the school in order to estimate the degree of risk among these applicants.
In an effort to develop a more effective interview process for middle school candidates, St. Mark’s School of Texas adopted a strategy for an on-campus interview that includes a reading…
How do you see beyond the polished, prepped, and rehearsed admission interview to understand the candidate’s classroom personality?
PISA is the single best tool available for educators to become informed and sophisticated about global best pedagogical practices. 
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