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In conjunction with member schools,The Enrollment Management Association offers nearly $1 million in fee waivers for the SSAT and the SAO each year.
The testing and research team recently performed a large-scale test to ensure the SSAT's validity and reliability in meeting its goal of predicting student success.
The SSAT Benchmark test has been used for years by schools who are new to the SSAT, providing them with a reliable way to compare the scores of applicants.
An admission office’s guide to answering the question, “Should my child take the SSAT again?”
Understanding the complexities of immigration regulations and its impact on international students is an important component of services that schools provide.
This presentation will explore standardized tests, why they matter, and ways to ensure test fairness.
In today's technology-driven world, the ubiquitous use of online forms suggests that any alternative in the school application process would be considered outdated and cumbersome for both applicant and school.
As enrollment offices prepare and launch into the admission year’s busiest season, we have curated a list of The Enrollment Management Association resources to assist you and your committee.
This noncognitive toolkit provides The Enrollment Management Association member schools with examples, templates, and suggestions for assessing student character in the admission process and beyond.
This committee will work with The Enrollment Management Association staff to explore and determine the path for making the SSAT available via computer/electronic device.
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