What drives families to apply to—and enroll their children in—independent schools?
 As the independent school landscape becomes more complex, the need for enrollment managers to produce (and provide meaning for) a variety of institutional data increases.
Intelligence for enrollment managers about core priorities for the school’s CFO and finance committee, the school budgeting process, levers for financial change, the importance of accurate benchmarking, and the need for building a shared vision for the role of financial aid.
Families are now researching (and sometimes applying to) schools without having to set foot on campus. A lack of early information on these “stealth” families provides little opportunity for admission offices to gauge interest, provide personalized information, or affect a family’s decision to apply. To regain control of the process at an earlier stage, schools must combine traditional outreach with existing student data and statistics on those who are visiting virtually in order to engage prospective families in compelling ways.
Ongoing market challenges and expected U.S. administration policy changes led us to conduct a survey of our members in late April/early May 2017 to determine what, if any, changes occurred in inquiries, applications, and enrollment this year vs. last.
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