A look back at 2017-18, our 60th anniversary year. Read highlights from our year with you and its infinite possibilities.
Enrollment, hiring, and marketing consultants share the trends they are seeing in independent schools, based on their work with hundreds of schools of all shapes and sizes, and in all regions.
Recommendations from The Enrollment Management Think Tank to EMA trustees on what we can do to best prepare admission and enrollment professionals for the future.
We decided to find out what parents really think about the admission process—for the second time—with an extensive survey of parents seeking to enroll their children in independent schools. Some of their quotes may surprise you...
While is it clearly more cost effective to keep students who are already enrolled, over time, creeping attrition rates can also lead to decreased selectivity and a negative cumulative impact on a school’s brand. In our tightening independent school market, ensuring a strong base of returning families is essential.
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