Recruitment and Retention

Our Team

Professional Development

Dedicated to the comprehensive training of admission professionals throughout all stages of their careers, The Enrollment Management Association's professional development offerings range from training for newcomers (Admission Training Institute) to the Annual Meeting, the country's premier independent school enrollment management conference. The Admission Leadership Council was formed to provide an expert voice on training needs and advocacy for the profession. An exceptional webinar series offers professional development at your desktop.



Our leadership team is composed of talented and visionary professionals focused on a common goal – to serve our community by leading with forethought, excellence, and expert guidance.

Board of Trustees

Hailing from disciplines throughout the enrollment management community, our board of trustees lends its considerable experience and expertise to the governance of The Enrollment Management Association. This diverse group of industry leaders includes enrollment managers, heads, business officers, leaders in access organizations, consultants, association professionals, and more. Their wide range of backgrounds and talents ensures that the best interests of our constituents (enrollment professionals, schools, and families) are served with professionalism and integrity.

Professional Development

Great enrollment leaders deserve great professional learning opportunities.

For every stage of your professional career path, The Enrollment Management Association offers a program to suit your needs. The association helps you combine the latest research, data, and training with outstanding networking and collaborative opportunities. Whether you’re just starting out in admission, are a newly appointed–or aspiring–director, or are a veteran enrollment manager, we have a professional development program to support you.

Membership & Business Development

The Enrollment Management Association is dedicated to providing our members with exceptional services and benefits. Our Member Relations Team ensures that an open line of communication is available and that our members' needs are being heard and met.

Testing & Research

Schools need reliable assessment tools to make confident decisions about applicants. That’s why The Enrollment Management Association works continuously to identify evolving best practices and develop new ways of equitably assessing student potential. Our team includes both the scientists who design our industry’s gold-standard assessments and the team that ensures testing runs smoothly and provides essential support.

Technology & Product

Our expert technology and product team is composed of professionals with a wide range of industry training and experience.

HR & Operations

Our human resources and operations team ensures that we provide exceptional services to our communities through the careful management and constant appraisal of processes, procedures, and personnel. They are dedicated to ensuring a smooth flow of information and assistance to our varied constituencies.