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Seminar Series - Boston, MA

From May 14, 2019 9:30 am until 1:15 pm


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Joe Corbett



Keynote Speaker: Joe Corbett

Understanding Your Parent Jobs-To-Be-Done

Are your school’s parents more interested in getting their kids into a top college or providing a holistic education for their children? Using an innovative methodology known as jobs-to-be-done, NAIS has identified the four key “jobs” parents are hiring independent schools to accomplish. In this session, we will examine these jobs and explore how to best explain your value proposition to parents seeking to accomplish each job.

Joe Corbett is a Research Analyst at NAIS. His work is currently focused on helping schools understand their markets, and how changing demographics, economics, and parent values are affecting independent schools. Most recently, Joe has participated in research involving trends affecting the independent school community across the country, including authoring a chapter on enrollment for NAIS’s trendbook. He has also been involved in NAIS’s study on independent school parents, applying the Jobs To Be Done Methodology to understand the motivations parents have for enrolling their children in independent schools.