Recruitment and Retention

Because Character Matters

Puzzle100Member After each round of conversation and research review, the Think Tank on the Future of Assessment became more convinced that measuring noncognitive traits during the admission process will add predictive power in selecting students who will succeed in independent schools.  Thus the Character Skills Assessment (CSA) was born.

In addition, the Think Tank recommended to our board of directors that a noncognitive toolkit be amassed that would provide member schools with examples, templates, and suggestions for assessing student character in the admission process and beyond.  Available to The Enrollment Management Association member schools only, the Character Skills Toolkit contains innovative practice information on:

  • Student self-assessment forms and techniques
  • Interview questions and formats
  • Recommendation forms
  • Essay prompts for application forms
  • Assessment of collaboration and problem-solving in group formats
  • Gamification for assessment
  • Climate and culture surveys for onboarding and program review

Visit the Resources section of your Member Access Portal (MAP) and click on the toolkit link!

Use the feedback forms to suggest a tool or technique for inclusion or to provide feedback about the effectiveness of a tool or technique you have used.