The Yield, Winter 2017/18

While is it clearly more cost effective to keep students who are already enrolled, over time, creeping attrition rates can also lead to decreased selectivity and a negative cumulative impact on a school’s brand. In our tightening independent school market, ensuring a strong base of returning families is essential.

Cover Article: Being Intentional About Retention: 3 Steps to Combat Attrition
Even a moderate increase in attrition can impact your bottom line.  Learn how your colleagues are taking steps to be more intentional about retention.

Enrollment Perspectives: An Interview with Sheila Miklos
Sheila Miklos, TABS vice president and NABI deputy managing director, talks all things NABI and offers some sage marketing advice.

Straight-Arrow Focus: Business and Admission Offices Partnering to Make Strategic Enrollment Decisions
Learn how Williston Northampton School (MA) used a data-supported process to be more deliberate abour their admission and financial aid decisions.

Why They Apply: Highlights from the 2017 Ride to Independent Schools report
We surveyed over 2,700 parents who went through the indpendent school admission process in 2016-17. Some of their preferences and needs may surprise you.

School Profile: The York School
The York School (ON, Canada) is a coeducational day school with 675 students. Learn more about their admission office and its responsibilities.

Data/Finance: An Ounce of Prevention…How Engagement Survey Data Can Help Reduce Attrition
Using an engagement survey to determine how strongly your families identify with - and are loyal to - your school.

Marketing: This Could Be Your School Too!
Why settle for another "talking head" video?  Set your school apart with a unique approach to engage students.

Leadership: What's the True Cost of Attending Your School?
You may be considering tuition, but there are other costs of attendance that creep up on families?  Is your school accessible and affordable for all families, particularly those receiving financial aid?

Assessment: The Interview: Am I Buying or Am I Selling?
Unlike the professional salesperson, the professional interviewer must fulfill a dual role: to be skilled not only in the art of selling, but understand the nuanced art of buying.

Member Spotlight: Jennifer Rosen, Director of Admission, Isidore Newman School (LA)
EMA member Jennifer Rosen on the number one attribute a director of admission needs to succeed.

People of Color in Admission - A recap from the 2017 Annual Conference