The Yield, Spring 2017

Families are now researching (and sometimes applying to) schools without having to set foot on campus. A lack of early information on these “stealth” families provides little opportunity for admission offices to gauge interest, provide personalized information, or affect a family’s decision to apply. To regain control of the process at an earlier stage, schools must combine traditional outreach with existing student data and statistics on those who are visiting virtually in order to engage prospective families in compelling ways.

Cover Article: Tracking the Stealth Applicant: Sourcing and Recruiting Students in the Internet Age
In a changing independent school enrollment landscape, there is one constant—to stay viable, schools must continue to recruit and retain mission-appropriate students.

Three x 3: International Student Recruitment
Debra Wilson, general counsel at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), Pete Upham, executive director at The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), and John Williamson, founder, and president of Linden Boarding School Tours share their 30,000-foot perspective on international student recruitment in today’s context.

Admission Office Profiles: Hargrave Military Academy
A closeup look at the Hargrave Military Academy admission office from Director of Enrollment Management Alice Hendrickson.

Data/Finance: The Enrollment Manager as Lead Institutional Researcher
Institutional research or “big data” at the school and collegiate levels has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, with larger organizations even opting to devote specialized roles or departments to this task.

Marketing: Admission and the Importance of a Multi-Talented Faculty
As part of a study I carried out regarding the sustainability of the “triple-threat” model in boarding schools, I found that all the schools I studied utilized faculty in multiple roles, which forms the basis for deep and meaningful relationships between the school and the student population.

Leadership: Restructuring for Enrollment Management
As enrollment management becomes a more prevalent strategy on independent school campuses, it also raises staffing and logistical questions.

Assessment: Acting on Character: The Character Skills Snapshot
The Character Skills Snapshot was designed to measure eight essential character skills that the committee deemed were prevalent among independent school missions and those which schools sought to nurture in their students.

Member Spotlight: Lydia Hawkins, Director of Enrolment, Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (Alberta, Canada)
A brief interview with member Lydia Hawkins, director of enrolment at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School, Alberta, Canada.

Member Circle

EMA Welcomes Our Newest Board Members


Independent Schools, Immigration, and the Trump Administration
Recently, visas, international students, international employees, undocumented students and families, and the Trump administration have created a Magic 8 Ball moment for independent schools.

An Interview with Rachel Skiffer
While many departments—e.g., admission, development, administration—collect data useful for their own operational and planning needs, some schools are beginning to recognize the need for systematic data collection, analysis, and planning across the entire institution.

Advancing a Revolution: The Institute on Character and Admission
American education is on the cusp of a revolution.