The Yield, Winter 2016/17

Simultaneously embraced as a useful enrollment management tool and questioned as a misuse of aid funds  - even dubbed "vanity" or "cocktail party" scholarships - merit aid is in wide use in higher education, and has been growing in use among independent schools as a means to build enrollment and meet increasing affordability demands.

Cover Article: On Its Own Merit - The Role of Merit Aid in Enrollment Management
This article will help determine the why, who, and how of merit aid in a time of demographic change, unprecedented financial aid demand, and rising tuitions.

Admission Perspecitves: An Interview with Donna Orem, President, National Associaton of Independent Schools (NAIS)
NAIS' new president on the challenges facing private education and her vision for what's to come.

Three x 3: Managing a Head Transition
Three directors of admission who recently welcomed new heads to their campuses share their experiences and strategies for ensuring a smooth transition.

The International Market - What Independent Schools Need to Know
Our report on the international marketplace and takeaways every independent school needs to know.

Admission Office Profiles: Oregon Episcopal School
Oregon Episcopal School (OR) is a coeducational independent college preparatory school of 865 boarding and day students in grades PK-12. Learn more about their admission office and its responsiblities.

Data/Finance: Bringing More Science to Our Art - Why Data is Essential for Admission
Developing comfort and healthy curiosity around standards and baselines is vital for future independent school leaders.

Marketing: Getting Your Faculty on the Admission Team Bus
From your janitorial staff to your science teachers, everyone that works in your school contributes to a family's first impression. How can we ensure that impression is both positive and lasting?

Leadership: Eight Enrollment Management Strategies that Work
Because it's not all about the numbers, but the inherent good we deliver to families and our schools when we manage enrollment well, here are eight strategies that work.

Assessment: Making Better Admission Decisions
Using the concepts of decision bias and the structured interview, how to add more predictive power to your admission decisions.

Member Spotlight: Darlene Fountaine, Director of Admission, Westside Neighborhood School (CA)
Member Darlene Fountaine on one piece of advice she'd pass on to a colleague.

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