Myth Busting: Fee Waivers

Myth Busting: Fee Waivers

In conjunction with member schools, The Enrollment Management Association offers nearly $1 million in fee waivers for the SSAT and the SAO each year for students in need who are seeking educational opportunity with our member schools.

In order to best serve our membership, we have provided these waivers directly to our member schools to distribute to the families they deem in need. But there are many misconceptions about fee waivers, so we want to set the record straight!

MYTH: There are no fee waivers available for the SSAT.
FACT: The Enrollment Management Association distributes nearly $900,000 in test waiver funds annually.

MYTH: When I have expended all my fee waiver funds, I cannot have more.
FACT: The Enrollment Management Association will provide as many fee waiver funds as are needed by your admission office. Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request.

MYTH: I need to serve as an SSAT test center to receive fee waiver funds.
FACT: The only prerequisite to receiving SSAT fee waivers is membership with The Enrollment Management Association.

MYTH: The Enrollment Management Association will mail me paper waivers to distribute.
FACT: All fee waivers are auto-generated electronically and are easily managed through your Member Access Portal. You simply email students their fee waiver information.

MYTH: I have to pay for fee waivers for the SSAT.
FACT: Fee waivers are provided to all members. There is no cost to members.

MYTH: Students can only receive one fee waiver per academic year.
FACT: Should a student in need prefer to take the test multiple times, additional fee waivers can and should be provided.