The Yield, Fall 2016

The work of admission—getting students through the door—is an important component of enrollment management but is just the beginning. As independent schools are increasingly challenged by the same external forces that have shaped the adoption of strategic enrollment management structures, processes, and policies in higher education, the national conversation on K-12 enrollment management has taken center stage.

Cover Article: The Rise of the Strategic Enrollment Manager
This article seeks to explore the growth of enrollment management in independent schools, to understand decisions around enrollment management models, and to look specifically at how schools are staffing for these positions.

School Tech: An Interview with Sarah Hanawald
Our society’s dependency on technology is undeniable, and it just takes one power outage to remind us just how dependent we are.

Three x 3: Enrollment and Access
Three community-based organization leaders share their perspectives on a changing enrollment and access landscape.

Myth Busting - Fee Waivers
In conjunction with member schools, The Enrollment Management Association offers nearly $1 million in fee waivers for the SSAT and the SAO each year.

Admission Office Profiles: Greenhill School
Greenhill School (TX) is a coeducational independent college preparatory school of nearly 1,300 students in grades PK-12. Learn more about their office and its responsiblities.

Data/Finance: What Admission Directors Need to Bring to the Financial Table
Four advantages an admission director can bring to the table during discussions about financial aid and tuition.

Marketing: Share the Yield
Sonoma Academy's All Stars program empowers and prepares student ambassadors to take a central rols in the school's recruitment efforts.

Leadership: Ten Guidelines for Admission Officers During a Crisis
Admission office messaging during a crisis is critical for the school.

Assessment: The Power of Prediction in Your Admission Office
The testing and research team recently performed a large-scale test to ensure the validity and reliabilty of the SSAT in meeting the goal of predicting student success.

Member Spotlight: Brian Beale, Director of Enrollment, Brimmer and May School (MA)
Member Brian Beale on what surprises him about his job and the one thing he'd tell an admission newcomer.

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