The Yield, Spring 2015

Experience isn't enough anymore: the new admission office requires a new set of skills. Tips on creating a culture that promotes high-performing teams.

Cover Article

Building Talent

Creating a culture for high-performing teams

Admission Perspectives

Understanding Advancement

The most successful schools understand the lifetime value of the customer—from the first inquiry of a prospective family to the planned gift of a proud alumnus.

Three x 3

An Inside Look at Educational Consultants

Educational consultants play a vital role in matching families with the right independent schools.

Admission Office Profiles

Admission Office Profile: The Lawrenceville School

In this issue, Tom Sheppard, Lawrenceville’s Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, covers the challenges and methods of success when leading and managing a large admission team.


Five Ways to Use Financial Aid to Increase Yield

Schools invest much in their recruitment and retention strategies, yet the single biggest issue for many families— tuition—often plays second fiddle when it comes to messaging and how the process is operationalized.


Putting Research into Practice to Improve the School Visit

Our admission office was having tough discussions, challenging our current practices, when the SSATB research report The Ride to Independent Schools landed in our mailboxes.


It Pays to Retreat

We all know that the traditional admission cycle, complete with “peak seasons” and reliable windows of relief, has given way to a year-round effort to recruit and enroll the strongest candidates for our schools.


Update: The Character Skills Assessment (CSA)

Situation Judgment Tests (SJTs) are an increasingly common psychometric technique for measuring interpersonal and intrapersonal attributes.

Inside the SAO

Salisbury Hits the Easy Button

Exclusive Use of the SAO Results in Office Efficiency and Applications Increase by 70%!

Member Circle

SSATB Membership: It’s All About the Value!

SSATB member services provide added value to the admission process.

The Admission Leadership Council’s Mentorship Initiative—Mid-Year Check-In

SSATB’s Admission Leadership Council (ALC) launched a pilot mentoring program. We asked a paired mentor and mentee to discuss their first experiences.

Securing the Future: SSATB & IECA

As of August 2015, all educational consultants who are members of SSATB must be members in good standing of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).

Service Center

What is the SSAT Audit Program?

The SSAT audit program is one of many tools SSATB utilizes to ensure standardized testing conditions and continuous improvement.

Board Reporting Resources & Tips

Help your board of trustees understand the latest admission season, both at your school and in comparison to the larger independent school community.

Board News

SSATB Welcomes New Board Members

The SSATB board of directors kicked off the trustee nomination process this year by specifically targeting leadership in four strategic areas.


A Changing Educational Landscape

The conference “College Admission 2025: Embracing the Future” delivered a number of thought provoking sessions from some high profile policymakers, researchers, and practitioners.

International Recruitment Update

International student enrollment worldwide is at an all-time high with continued growth projected.