Memberanda, Spring 2012

Maintaining a comfort level with a decline in acceptance rates and a higher frequency of incomplete applications appears to be admission’s “new normal.”

Cover Article

Where Have All The Inquiries Gone?

Currently, forces are both changing the shape of the funnel and impacting conversion metrics.


Bend, Not Break: Tuition Elasticity

Tuition elasticity is the degree to which tuition can be raised without negatively affecting enrollment.


China Patterns: Recruiting 101

The exponential increase in the number of Chinese families that seek to send their children away to boarding school has given way to an equally marked set of issues which complicate the process.


Prompt Writers Get To Work!

About the new writing sample prompt working group

Early Lessons in Early Childhood Assessment

SSATB has embarked on a study to better understand the early childhood (PK-2) assessment practices used by private and independent schools.

Test Central

It takes a write a test!

This winter, SSATB convened two Item Writers’ Workshops, one in Dallas focused on the Elementary SSAT (see p. 15) and one in Sarasota focused on the Upper and Middle Level (formerly Lower Level) SSATs.


A Conversation with Jane Foley Fried

Service Center

Building Your School’s Test Norms:Benchmark Testing Service

Board News

Welcome New Board Members!

Following our first-ever Call for Nominations process, six members of the independent school admission community were chosen by the SSAT Board to serve as the Class of 2018.