Heather Hoerle

on February 26, 2019

We're Building Leaders.

At EMA, we're committed to advocating for enrollment leaders by teaching our entire community what it takes to build long term enrollment success.

Heather Hoerle

on January 2, 2019

The Power of Inclusion; The Strength of Diversity

Thanks for all that you do to ensure that young people will go into the world committed to unity, diversity, and generosity.

Heather Hoerle

on November 14, 2018

The Future of Financial Aid

School leaders are quickly recognizing that the cost of tuition, the market changes affecting what independent schools can charge, and the lack of clear financial strategy are all ripe for exploration and new thinking.

Heather Hoerle

on September 11, 2018

Stronger by Association

As we head into this week’s EMA annual conference, I am reminded of several important issues which speak to our theme this year, “Stronger by Association.”

Listening to Parents, Changing Perspectives

Because EMA is responsible for delivering nearly 90,000 SSATs and 45,000+ SAO applications annually to families, students, and our member schools, we have a unique vantage point in working with all parties to better understand changing dynamics.

Using the Enrollment Management Spectrum to Drive Success – Three Brutal Facts

I’ve seen that when all revenue-focused offices are working together strategically, there’s no better technique for long term enrollment success.

You're Accepted! Member Schools Share the Good News

What is more exciting than telling kids they've been accepted to your school?  We share some great video examples from our members.

Heather Hoerle

on February 14, 2018

Build and Sustain Through Change

Change is inevitable. Much like colleges and universities over the past few decades, independent schools are experiencing significant changes in the enrollment landscape. To survive and thrive, we must evolve from the old view of admission to an enhanced long-term strategy for enrollment management.

Heather Hoerle

on December 13, 2017

2017 Parent Report Lesson 1: Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Though the methods of communication with families have changed somewhat since 2014, what we’ve heard from parents has stayed the same: they expect timely and personalized communications throughout the school consideration and application process.

Heather Hoerle

on September 26, 2017

Ushering in a new age in admission

We proudly present The Character Skills Snapshot, an innovative tool designed to measure eight essential character skills for admission: resilience, open-mindedness, responsibility, teamwork, social awareness, self-control, intellectual curiosity, and initiative.

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