Leadership, Admission, and the Power of Narrative

Using the distinct “stories” of our institutions, and by adopting a shared vocabulary, we can help our colleagues to envision and understand their roles within the narrative arch.

No longer just admission

Like many others in our sector I am continually frustrated by the misconception that enrollment professionals only work hard a couple of months a year, and institutional success in this area depends solely on the efforts of the admission office.

The Political Arena of Enrollment Management

Developing political will and skill is essential for us to influence how limited resources are acquired and utilized. The CERPP certificate program allowed us to dig a little deeper into how we can all develop political clout.

We're all in this together: embracing a new understanding of enrollment management

Not only have I deepened my understanding of this role, but now I must impart it on the rest of the community, where largely they have been accustomed to a more limited understanding of "admission" versus the more expansive "enrollment management."

Think Beyond September: Transitioning and Orienting New Students

The way we transition and orient new students and their families to our campus can play a vital role in retention, and thus have an impact on your overall enrolment.

Translating Ideas into Action Items

As I started the Leadership in Enrollment Management certificate program, I was determined not to repeat a typical pattern of mine.

Program Reflections

As we say goodbye to our students and ease into the rhythm of summer, I reflect back on a year of tremendous professional growth born from the many challenges and well-deserved successes we experience in admission.

Recruitment and the Personal Touch

In the competitive world of admission, every institution focuses their attention and resources on recruitment strategies, ultimately yielding students who will find success in their programs.

Retention - Putting the Pieces Together

Successful retention for your school depends on and draws from a strong marketing and enrollment plan. Enrollment management should be in place to work in tandem with a retention plan.

Leadership: Institutional Change and Influencing the Future

Carl Rogers, an influential American psychologist and one of the founders of the humanistic approach to psychology, said, “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” In the ever-changing world of independent schools it seems at times that the only constant is change.

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