Stacy Jagodowski

on September 26, 2018

Post-Conference Reflections

My experiences at #EMA18: a vibrant, diverse, and inspiring conference that pleasantly surprised me and inspired me to come back to my school with new ideas and new strategies.

The Politics of Enrollment Management

Political savvy comes naturally for some people. For others, it’s a skill that needs to be learned. I belong to the latter. This year, I commited to mindfully incorporate these action items into my professional practice.

We Are Not An Island

We discussed which leadership approaches would have the greatest potential for success in our institutions. It clicked for me that “We are not an island” was the approach we most needed to focus on at my school.

Challenge Accepted!

This program emboldened me to join the conversation, to be part of the solution, and to keep all lines of communication open as a way to support my peers in this ever-expanding field.

Without Mission: Impossible

It may sound obvious to some, but the emphasis on institutional alignment under a common mission and vision appears to be the most critical element of a successful enrollment management operation and of a successful institution at large.

Four Skills to Master for Effective Leadership

I believe these four skills are universal to strong, effective leadership regardless of the product, industry, or end goal.

Data and Its Use: Bringing in the Experts

Few of us are experts in every area of enrolment management. Should there still exist a gap, consider bringing in an expert that can provide the support you require.

Stacy Wang

on August 14, 2017

My Journey with the Certificate Program – Rethinking Admission

One of the greatest benefits of the certificate program is that participants have to rethink admission through the entire admission season, while working on relevant topics every week.

Effective Leadership in Enrollment Management

In the admission arena we place great importance on the power of personal touches in our interactions with families. Strength in leadership relies on the ability to see that same value in personal touches within our teams.

Institutional Support: It Has to Be More Than Just One Office

You cannot move forward if you don’t have the whole school involved in and supportive of your mission.

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