Data and Its Use: Bringing in the Experts

Few of us are experts in every area of enrolment management. Should there still exist a gap, consider bringing in an expert that can provide the support you require.

Stacy Wang

on August 14, 2017

My Journey with the Certificate Program – Rethinking Admission

One of the greatest benefits of the certificate program is that participants have to rethink admission through the entire admission season, while working on relevant topics every week.

Effective Leadership in Enrollment Management

In the admission arena we place great importance on the power of personal touches in our interactions with families. Strength in leadership relies on the ability to see that same value in personal touches within our teams.

Institutional Support: It Has to Be More Than Just One Office

You cannot move forward if you don’t have the whole school involved in and supportive of your mission.

ROI & Measurables

How much of your planning time is devoted to defining what a successful outcome of any new (or existing) initiative will be? How will you know that your efforts are worthwhile?

Crafting a Mission-Oriented Admission Model

The admission department has a duty to the prospective student to determine whether he or she will be best served in our school. Ultimately, a mission-oriented admission model must answer “yes” to whether the mission will best serve the prospective student and whether he or she will embrace this offering and reciprocate.

Leadership, Admission, and the Power of Narrative

Using the distinct “stories” of our institutions, and by adopting a shared vocabulary, we can help our colleagues to envision and understand their roles within the narrative arch.

No longer just admission

Like many others in our sector I am continually frustrated by the misconception that enrollment professionals only work hard a couple of months a year, and institutional success in this area depends solely on the efforts of the admission office.

The Political Arena of Enrollment Management

Developing political will and skill is essential for us to influence how limited resources are acquired and utilized. The CERPP certificate program allowed us to dig a little deeper into how we can all develop political clout.

We're all in this together: embracing a new understanding of enrollment management

Not only have I deepened my understanding of this role, but now I must impart it on the rest of the community, where largely they have been accustomed to a more limited understanding of "admission" versus the more expansive "enrollment management."

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