Building the And / Plus Assessment Package

In his landmark book, Bill Sedlacek elaborates: “the applicant’s ability to understand the role of the system in life and to develop a method of assessing the cultural or racial demands of the system and respond accordingly and assertively.”

Counting What Counts

I’ve been enjoying reading this month a book which shakes my conviction that there is much of value that cannot be measured—and which gives very good guidance in how we can improve the way we capture in data just about anything we desire to know more about.

True Grit - Measuring Markers for Success

For admission directors seeking to admit and enroll students who are most likely to succeed on their campus, and most likely to become successful in the wider world after leaving campus, Duckworth offers compelling guidance.

Sternberg and Measuring Creativity

In this post, we’ll take a deeper dive into assessing creativity.

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