Leadership Programs

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Savvy enrollment management strategies start with a solid understanding of demographic trends and your school’s competitive environment. Regional events can be crucial for those seeking insight and collaboration from a local perspective. The Admission Leadership Council (ALC) offers a set of regional seminars each year to bring the trends to you. Composed of experienced volunteers from member independent schools, the ALC plays a critical role in defining current issues and developing professional resources for enrollment managers. The ALC blog, “Right on Time,” keeps the conversation going, offering timely and helpful enrollment management resources.

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The role of the Admission Leadership Council is to: 

  • Be a sounding board for The Enrollment Management Association for the development of admission services
  • Serve as conveners and facilitators of annual, regional meetings of members
  • Provide leadership in the area of professional development for admission professionals
  • Act as advocates for the critical role of admission in schools

For more information about the ALC, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..